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Rat and Squirrel Damage and How to Prevent It

Mice, rats, and squirrels have co-existed with humans for many centuries, and societies have long since learned to treat them as the problematic rodents. Damage from animals ranges from chewing cables and wires to contaminating or eating food supplies. Even in the modern age, with computers, cars, and cutting-edge medicine, old problems such as rats persist, but new ways to fight back have arisen as well.

What Harm Can These Animals Do?

Squirrels, and especially rats and mice, have long since been a problem for civilization worldwide. Even now, major American cities have significant populations of these rodents. In descending order, Chicago, New York City, and Washington, D.C. top the list. The problem is compounded by how fast these animals breed. A pair of mating rats can produce a litter of 12 pups, and in ideal conditions, just one mating pair can exponentially grow into an astounding 482 million rats in the span of three years. All those rats are hungry, and they wi

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Indoor Air Pollution Can Be Made Worse With Poor Varnish How To Pick The Best Eco Friendly Primer

Home renovation should do more than boost your ROI. It should also keep you and your family safe.

This means turning to eco-friendly building methods and green resources, among other things, and ensuring you’re not just replacing your worn-out materials with worse chemicals. If you’re still debating whether to swap out your carpet or not, consider looking into the paint on your walls first. Not only can you change your interior design, you can also eliminate the possibility of making your indoor air pollution worse. Many homes today hail all the way from the 90′s, meaning some paint holds the potential for harboring hidden chemicals.

Families with chemical sensitivity, children and pets…take heed! Eco friendly primer and crib safe paint are going to be your number one choices coming up.

Did You Know?

Before you choose a polyurethane clear coat for your porch, here are a few interesting things you may or may not know about painting your h

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Enjoy Redecorating Your Living Room With Glass Coffee Tables

Coffee tables have become an expected piece of furniture in today’s homes. It’s interesting to note that the first coffee tables began to appear during the late Victorian era in Great Britain. At that time, these tables were referred to as coffee tables and were designed accordingly. Prior to the 1950s, however, coffee tables weren’t considered to be a necessary piece of furniture in people’s living rooms. This changed when more and more individuals had access to television and would watch the news and various programs while sitting around the coffee table.

The Benefits of Glass Coffee Tables

Even though television may now be watched in different rooms throughout the house, the coffee table continues to be a popular piece of living room furniture. Whether people set coffee, tea, or other beverages on their glass coffee tables, these are easier to keep clean that their wood counterparts. When these tables are made of tempered, rather than normal heat-treated glass, they a

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