Do You Have a High School Student Who Is Considering a Vocational Career?

We live in interesting times. While there are a growing number of families who are doing everything within their power to make sure that their high school age children are on a tract to go and graduate from college, there are entire industries that do not have enough workers to fill their much needed openings. From welders who need to understand the use of purge monitors and plate clamps, to electricians who are needed for any variety of jobs, there are many well paying careers that do not require a four year college degree.

For this reason, there are a number of high schools and trade schools across the country that are trying to attract students before they spend thousands of dollars pursuing a four year degree that may end in a low paying job. From offering students to full set of non magnetic tools if they start taking vocational classes while they are still in high school to companies that offer to pay for tuition when a new graduate agrees to work for five years, there are a variety of ways that different groups are trying to attract more students into the vocational fields that are the most in need.

Having a working knowledge of purging equipment and other welding tasks, for instance, can make a person very marketable at a fairly young age.

Vocational Trade Schools Offer Students Many Great Career Opportunities

From their first non magnetic tools to detailed instruction about welding, there are many people who quickly realize that they do not have to pay for an expensive four year college degree to earn a great salary. In fact, the latest research indicates that more than 50% of products made in the U.S. require welding. Given that there are only 500,000 welders employed in the U.S., this means that it is not always easy to fill the two out of three manufacturing jobs that require welding experience. The American Welding Society reports that half a million people are in welding positions in the U.S. because they want the youngest people to know that this is a vibrant and growing career.

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