Indoor Air Pollution Can Be Made Worse With Poor Varnish How To Pick The Best Eco Friendly Primer

Home renovation should do more than boost your ROI. It should also keep you and your family safe.

This means turning to eco-friendly building methods and green resources, among other things, and ensuring you’re not just replacing your worn-out materials with worse chemicals. If you’re still debating whether to swap out your carpet or not, consider looking into the paint on your walls first. Not only can you change your interior design, you can also eliminate the possibility of making your indoor air pollution worse. Many homes today hail all the way from the 90′s, meaning some paint holds the potential for harboring hidden chemicals.

Families with chemical sensitivity, children and pets…take heed! Eco friendly primer and crib safe paint are going to be your number one choices coming up.

Did You Know?

Before you choose a polyurethane clear coat for your porch, here are a few interesting things you may or may not know about painting your home. You have a ton of wonderful, safe options to choose from as you go about your project, whether it’s baby room safe pain or a polyurethane clear coat that’s as durable as it is easy to apply. VOC is a term you should become familiar with, as it’s one of the leading causes of indoor air pollution in the American home. Flooring that’s more than one year old likely has already had the VOC dissipated, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. A CBC Marketplace survey found VOC levels over 550 ppb can cause problems.

The State Of Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution is much worse than outdoor air pollution. Not sure why that is? Just think about all the dust, dander, pollen, dirt and chemicals that gather beneath your roof and sit around getting worse. Not only can a dirty carpet fail to trap airborne contaminants, old paint for your wooden floor or kitchen cupboards can exacerbate the issue and make it worse. A recent study saw participants spending six full work days in an environmentally controlled office space to study the effects of reduced VOC. The results that came back saw cognitive scores being 100% higher than in workspaces with higher VOC levels.

Chemical Sensitivity And Your Home

Chemical sensitivity is a frustrating condition. We live in a world filled with chemicals, from cleaning supplies to simple perfume, and it can make even staying at home a chore. Buff this out by looking into gloss varnish with no VOC so you and your family can always live comfortably. Chemical sensitivity can manifest as headaches, nausea and dizziness. According to a recent study conducted by the Survey Research Institute At Cornelle University, nearly 60% of travelers stated they would much rather choose one hotel over another based on allergy-friendly rooms.

Allergies, Asthma And You

Do you have children or family members that struggle with allergies? How about minor or moderate asthma? Choosing a polyurethane clear coat or anti slip paint with no VOC will go a long way in helping them live more comfortably. According to Sweden’s Dampness In Buildings And Health study, children with multiple allergic symptoms saw these incidents doubled thanks to harmful exposure in household paint. Additional studies have shown several materials averaging two to five times higher indoors than outdoors, leading to multiple health problems when inhaled.

Choosing The Right Polyurethane Clear Coat

You want to live in a home that’s as safe as it is beautiful. This is easy to achieve when you do a little research into the materials you use and make sure you’re always prioritizing green materials. As explored above, flooring that’s over a year old is likely safe, but double-checking will ensure you’re not making pre-existing health conditions even worse. The same Dampness In Buildings And Health study saw children with bedroom PGE concentrations in the top 25% having a 100% higher chance of developing asthma and a 150% chance of developing eczema.

Safe, beautiful and long-lasting. These are the features you can enjoy when you pick green exterior floor paint.

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