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Do You Have Unfinished Maintenance Projects Around Your Home?

This afternoon’s maintenance project looked like it could have been a 30 minute comedy sketch. In fact, it lasted so long that it might have filled an entire 60 minute episode.
Early Monday you sent in a request to have a lightbulb changed in your assisted living apartment. By 11:00 am two maintenance guys come in to complete the task. It was the fixture over the dining table and you were sitting on one end doing paperwork.
The workers indicated that it was no problem, and that you could stay sitting as they know you were not moving well. You had already shared with them that you were currently dealing with a blood clot and bone on bone knee pain. Unfortunately, the fixture happens to be a kind that uses LED bulbs. The maintenance men were having trouble changing the bulb so they called in a third guy to come help.
Home Maintenance Projects Like Installing Locking Bamboo Floors and New Light Fixtures Add Value to a Property
As they continued to work and turn, wor

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