Do You Have Unfinished Maintenance Projects Around Your Home?

This afternoon’s maintenance project looked like it could have been a 30 minute comedy sketch. In fact, it lasted so long that it might have filled an entire 60 minute episode.

Early Monday you sent in a request to have a lightbulb changed in your assisted living apartment. By 11:00 am two maintenance guys come in to complete the task. It was the fixture over the dining table and you were sitting on one end doing paperwork.

The workers indicated that it was no problem, and that you could stay sitting as they know you were not moving well. You had already shared with them that you were currently dealing with a blood clot and bone on bone knee pain. Unfortunately, the fixture happens to be a kind that uses LED bulbs. The maintenance men were having trouble changing the bulb so they called in a third guy to come help.

Home Maintenance Projects Like Installing Locking Bamboo Floors and New Light Fixtures Add Value to a Property

As they continued to work and turn, work and turn, it soon became apparent that they were not making any progress at all. The whole incident made it seem like a version of “how many guys does it take to change a light bulb,” and you shared your observation. They laughed and said, “Obviously more than three.” The original two maintenance workers were the same crew who had successfully installed some bamboo flooring sale materials a month ago, so the light bulb joke was not offensive.

While they were figuring out how to best tackle the stubborn LED bulb, your cell phone rang. Your daughter from Florida was enroute to Colorado Springs via Orlando, and she had called to pass some time at the airport between flights. Eventually, the light bulb crew was making enough noise that your daughter asked what was going on. At this point, your landline phone rings, and because you are not very mobile you just tell the workers that you cannot get there so you will just let that call go to voicemail. With one phone conversation in progress and another one recording a message, there is a knock at the door. You do not get up to answer but yell out, “Come on in.” You were expecting a friend who is bringing lunch and plans to stay for a visit.

Your friend was with you when you picked out the bamboo flooring sale items and she is anxious to see the results. As she enters, she asks, “Why didn’t yo tell me you were busy.” You explained that until that moment you really had not been busy. Because of the commotion, however, you suggested that you go to the patio for lunch. As you were wrapping up the phone call with your daughter. You also explained to the maintenance guys that you were not attached to that light combination fan fixture and if they wanted to change it out it would be fine.

Before you could get out to the patio, there was another knock at the door and it was your cleaning ladies. You attempted to explain that you really were not that busy, but it was a little difficult to explain away the three guys changing light bulb, your daughter on the cell phone, one landline taking a message, and a friend bringing lunch. With the addition of the two cleaning ladies bringing in their supplies and your still nearly immobile self, it was important to make sure that you appreciated the chaos, rather than the quiet of the earliest part of the morning. By the time you finally went to the patio for lunch you started laughing again about how many people it really does take to change a light bulb.

Whether you are deciding between different types of bamboo flooring sale items or you are looking for a way to make sure that you have the latest light fixture over your dining room table, it is always important to make sure that you have the right maintenance workers for the job. Whether they use the nail down method or another installation process for the bamboo flooring sale pieces, the quality of the work will often determine the end results.

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