When Was the Last Time Your Property Had a Plumbing Inspection?

Water seems to be something that parts of the world either have too much or too little. In a time when there are parts of the country that are so dry that vast areas are in fire danger, you would think that the rest of the country would try to conserve the water that they have. The fact of the matter is, however, there are a number of households and businesses in America where an embarrassing amount of water is wasted on a daily basis.

Although there are a number of products that could help homes and businesses of all size save water, we live in a time where as many as 10% of U.S. homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more a day. Even though the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes that Americans could use as much as 20% less water by installing water-efficient fixtures and appliances, there are still many property owners who do not take advantage of these options.

Inspections and Plumbing Services Can Help Property Owners Save Water and Money
Unfortunately, many Americans do not call a plumber unless they are facing a water heater repair, a major leak repair, or a messy drain cleaning. If more property owners would realize, however, that they could not only be saving money but also protecting the environment they might make the effort to get a thorough plumbing inspection for their property.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the many times when people do call for help from professional plumbing services:

  • The EPA reports that fixing just easily corrected household water leaks can save home owners as much as 10% on water bills.
  • A leaky faucet that drips a mere one drip a second can waste more than 3,000 gallons a year, according to the EPA.
  • Equal to the amount of water it takes to wash 60 loads of dishes in a dishwasher, a shower head leaking at 10 drips a minute wastes more than 500 gallons a year.
  • Equal to the amount of water needed to wash 270 loads of laundry, the average household’s leaks can account for more than 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year, according to the EPA.

The next time you watch a new story about the lack or excess of water in one part of the country, take this as a sign to check to see that your home or business are using its water efficiently. Affordable plumbing services can help you do your part.

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