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What You Need to Know About Home Insulation

What You Need to Know About Insulation

As the winter months are upon us, insulation has become an important topic to consider. Here are some things to keep in mind if you have any issues that need to be addressed.

  • Consider upgrading your insulation if it is old, worn out, or insufficient. Having weak insulation can cause your furnace, or air conditioning to run more often, or continuously, due to the loss of energy though the weak insulation. Overworking the system can lead you to having to repair your furnace (or AC unit) earlier than expected.
  • Missing insulation can lead to mold growth, as the warm air finds access without insulation and melds with the colder air either inside or outside of the house which can help feed mold growth. Spots like this usually occur on walls near and around floors and windows. If you don’t want to tear open the wall and reinforce the insulation

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How Old Is the Roof on Your Home?

The winter months are near. While there are many people who are debating the philosophy of decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, there are many property owners who are concerned about more serious issues. From checking for leaks in roofs to scheduling gutter repairs and other routine maintenance, the best home and business owners know that taking care of these issues before the snow starts to fall is always a good idea.
Both residential and commercial roof repairs, when they are completed in a timely matter, can help property owners avoid expensive damage down the line. Without the right roof repairs, for instance, water can make its way into your home and cause damage that can lead to dangerous mold and mildew. With the most experienced and professional roofing services, however, property owners can feel safe about their homes and businesses, even when the cold wi

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Swimming Should Be Enjoyable, Not Dangerous Keeping Mosquitoes At Bay With A Pool Screen Mesh

Swimming is one of the most refreshing pasttimes out there.

There’s nothing quite like cooling off with a cold dip in the middle of summer. You can enjoy a few fun hours with friends or just float around and enjoy the breeze. It’s a great way to get fit and you can have another excuse to finally get away from the computer to enjoy nature. When you install a pool in your home you give yourself the opportunity to soak in that full-package experience whenever you please. There’s just the trouble of cleaning it out and keeping it from becoming a cesspool of filthy leaves and insects.

Thinking of getting a pool cage screen? Here’s what you should know about pool maintenance so you can swim worry-free.

The Everlasting Popularity Of Pools

Americans love to swim! It’s considered the fourth most popular activity in the country and is unlikely to be replaced anytime soon, especially with every summer seeming harsher than the last. You can se

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Roof and Siding Installation

A home has many different parts that come together to make it safe, sturdy, and comfortable. Insulation in the walls keep the house warm in the winter, windows offer a great view while blocking strong winds or debris, the heating and air conditioning system maintains a desired temperature, and the plumbing delivers fresh water anywhere from the bathroom to the kitchen. But sometimes, a home’s exterior needs maintenance, replacements, or tuning to keep it all working well, and roofing or siding in bad condition can lead to extra expenses and can be uncomfortable to live in. How can new gutters and professional siding improve a home? When is it time to fix the roof? Taking care of these issues can prevent a lot of headaches further down the road.

What Goes Wrong With the Exterior

A home will always need maintenance, especially in a climate of powerful weather or local species that often damage homes. Doors and windows may leak hot or cold air, or drafts, and this disrupts t

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Keep Your Style On Fire, Not Your House

We usually depend on companies to keep our indoor air quality pure by hiring them for their air duct cleaning, furnace cleaning, and vent cleaning services to keep the fungi and bacteria in the air from invading our house. Theres one vital step we must do ourselves that some don’t think about when they consider the cleanliness of their vents.

Although clothes-dryer vents do not play a huge role in the air quality of our homes, ignoring them can cost you your entire home. Many people don’t worry about their house catching on fire while they’re doing their daily laundry routine, although lack of dryer vent cleaning is the leading cause of clothing dryer fires, being responsible for 34% of those.

Dryer vent cleaning is a responsibility of every home-owner – or should I say whoever does the laundry in the house. It is vital to clean the dryer vent before and after drying each load of laundry. This step only takes about 5-10 seconds, and it’s extremely easy. If it gets to

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