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Clear Varnish Inside and Outside the Home

It’s easy to assume that varnish is the same thing as the tinted stain that is used to seal any wood furniture item or construction like paint for decks, porch paint, final floor paint coverage, or picture frame. However, there is clear varnish that has many different uses, providing positive benefits throughout the home, office, or any location.

What is Clear Varnish

First, there is clear varnish that is a final sealant of paint, or paint coverage. Whenever coloring wood with paint, the use of clear varnish as the top coat is kind of like that top coat nail polish used by a manicurist on your nails. It seals the paint, protects it against water damage and many other issues, allowing an extended life for the furniture or another painted item.

Benefits of Clear Varnish

Think about how many times you clean countertops, cabinet doors and drawers, tables, chairs, and everything in your home. All of those accessories are likely constructed from wood. It is also

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