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When Was the Last Time You Mulched Your Trees and Flower Beds?

For those people in the midwest who are still dealing with the snowstorm that impacted one of the biggest travel days of the year it is difficult to imagine talking about mulch delivery and installation in the month of November. For home owners who live in the warmer regions of the south and southwest, however, this is exactly the time when you need to begin making plans for the upcoming rainy season or slight drop in temperatures.
No matter where you live, there is likely at least one or two times of the year when you want to make certain that you have your plans in place for mulch delivery and installation. First in the spring to help plants retain the moisture that they need in the summer and then again at the end of fall in preparation for winter, their are many property owners who make sure that they are doing everything possible to make sure that their trees and shrubs remain as healthy as possible.
Various Mulch Products Can Protect Your Trees and Plants and Make Your

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Taking A Closer Look At Radon Levels

You want to feel safe in your home, this simply goes without saying. Your home is your refuge after all, your place to get away from it all. But in some cases, there are unseen dangers in the home – unseen dangers that are certainly not to be avoided. For instance, radon in the home is incredibly risky, as it is odorless, tasteless, and unable to be seen with the naked eye.

And it’s far more common than many people would believe. In fact, up to one fifteenths of all homes in the United States alone have what would be considered high and dangerous levels of radon, according to the action level that has been set by the EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency). In some parts of the country, such as on Native American Reservations, these occurrences of high levels are even more common, seen in about one third of all homes.

And high radon levels should be taken quite seriously, as any and all radon testing companies will tell you. High radon is linked to a number of health concer

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