Construction Materials that Increase Performance and Efficiency Together

So many high performance construction materials and procedures exist today. With so much to consider for the floors, walls, ceilings, and more, there are efficient and effective methods of building our homes and other locations to save cost in so many ways over the long run.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)/

One of the most common materials that have added to the efficiency of construction today is insulated concrete. With the inability of concrete alone to insulate from below, there is much to gain from the advanced technology of insulated concrete forms. Especially in commercial buildings, when there is the greater use of concrete in overall construction, there is much to gain from the use of ICF in the reduced construction cost as well as the long-term reduction in utility costs on site.

Dating back to 1966, the original ICF has been further advanced over the years to reduce final construction costs on any property by as much as 75 cents per square foot. Additionally, the strength of ICF has proven to help protect any building against natural disasters by being at least nine times stronger than traditional building materials.

Additional High Performance Construction

With ICF being the most valuable high performance construction material, there is much that can be done to add to the design and performance of any building. Architects and contractors have much to gain from in planning the construction of any building, with the concrete alone able to add to the insulation there is much to save in construction materials. ICF can be used for any of the floors, walls, and ceiling, making it easy to bring everything in together. This is more than high performance, but it is also high efficiency.

Format of ICF

It’s important to know that insulated concrete does not have to only be poured. Given the nature of building the walls, both interior and exterior walls can be built with the ICF blocks. With the ceiling laid as well, there is much to see with the building constructed and insulated all in one with the same material. Given the fact that this material has been around for over half a century it is incredible to consider the fact that it doesn’t seem that common when you think of the word “concrete” alone. Possibly this is because of the age of so many houses existing at least a decade before this material was even placed on the market.

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