Roof and Siding Installation

A home has many different parts that come together to make it safe, sturdy, and comfortable. Insulation in the walls keep the house warm in the winter, windows offer a great view while blocking strong winds or debris, the heating and air conditioning system maintains a desired temperature, and the plumbing delivers fresh water anywhere from the bathroom to the kitchen. But sometimes, a home’s exterior needs maintenance, replacements, or tuning to keep it all working well, and roofing or siding in bad condition can lead to extra expenses and can be uncomfortable to live in. How can new gutters and professional siding improve a home? When is it time to fix the roof? Taking care of these issues can prevent a lot of headaches further down the road.

What Goes Wrong With the Exterior

A home will always need maintenance, especially in a climate of powerful weather or local species that often damage homes. Doors and windows may leak hot or cold air, or drafts, and this disrupts the interior temperature and forces the HVAC system to work overtime to correct it, adding to the electric bill. Normally, a home loses 38% of its heat through the windows and doors, but with drafty single plane windows, that heat loss can reach 50%. Unintended cracks and gaps can leak heated or cooled air and add up to roughly $350 in extra HVAC services, about a third of the average annual budget. What is more, if hail, wind-borne debris, or squirrels damage a roof and put holes in the tiles or walls, not only will warm air leak out, but water from rain and melting snow can get in, and this water may rot and expand wood in the home, and water can damage drywall and short out electrical components. In the case of squirrels, these animals are known to chew their way into the roof, then build nests in the air ducts that block air flow, not to mention chew on phone and cable cords or even chew up plastic pipes, causing various utilities to slow down or shut down.

Finally, very strong winds might tear the siding off a home, and it will need to be replaced right away. This is a particular concern for those who live in Tornado Alley, a part of the American Midwest that experiences a lot of tornadoes every year. Gutters, if clogged with leaves and debris for too long, will fail to deliver water to the drainage pipes and will eventually break free of the home and sag or fall away. New gutters will have to be installed, and if simple gutter maintenance is not observed, new gutters will have to be installed unusually often.

Repair and Maintenance

Roofs should generally be inspected once or twice a year, and once holes from hail or squirrels are found, it is time to hire contractors to repair the damage at once. A customer can call contractors for any exterior home repair by performing an Internet search for local companies, or else visit a hardware store and get staff recommendations. A customer may also ask a contractor crew for previous customer reviews, and get contact information so they can ask those previous customers how well the contractors performed. Similarly, a client can check a contract company’s prices, materials provided, and hours of availability.

Once the right contractor is found and hired, the homeowner can have new gutters installed, which should be a relatively fast and easy fixing job for the contractors, often just placing new gutters and tightening screws to put it all in place. New windows can be installed if existing ones leak air or are damaged, and rotted or damaged roof tile can be torn out and replaced. Contractors may also remove a squirrel infestation and repair any holes that the squirrels made, then apply a special paint that repels those animals. Trimming tree branches away from the home can also limit squirrels’ access to the roof. The siding, meanwhile, can be made of vinyl, which comes in a variety of colors and is very low maintenance, and can endure wind speeds up to 110 MPH. Wood is expensive and needs some maintenance, but can offer a delightful countryside look.

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