Swimming Should Be Enjoyable, Not Dangerous Keeping Mosquitoes At Bay With A Pool Screen Mesh

Swimming is one of the most refreshing pasttimes out there.

There’s nothing quite like cooling off with a cold dip in the middle of summer. You can enjoy a few fun hours with friends or just float around and enjoy the breeze. It’s a great way to get fit and you can have another excuse to finally get away from the computer to enjoy nature. When you install a pool in your home you give yourself the opportunity to soak in that full-package experience whenever you please. There’s just the trouble of cleaning it out and keeping it from becoming a cesspool of filthy leaves and insects.

Thinking of getting a pool cage screen? Here’s what you should know about pool maintenance so you can swim worry-free.

The Everlasting Popularity Of Pools

Americans love to swim! It’s considered the fourth most popular activity in the country and is unlikely to be replaced anytime soon, especially with every summer seeming harsher than the last. You can see this reflected in the recent statistics gathered on household and exterior design furnishings, expecting to hit an impressive $35 billion by the time 2021 comes into play. Another U.S. Department Of Commerce report saw furniture and home furnishing store sales reaching $10 billion by the time June of 2017 wrapped up.

Health Benefits Of Regular Swimming

What makes swimming so popular among so many different age groups? Just take a look at all the health benefits. Because of the water’s pressure on several areas of the body you can experience both muscle growth and healthy strain on your heart when you do a few laps. Swimming two to three times per week has been shown to significantly reduce a person’s risk for developing cardiovascular disease and stroke. It’s also a great way to release endorphins and improve your mood.

Common Pool Maintenance Techniques

Nobody wants to swim in a filthy, spotty pool. Regular maintenance means changing out your pool cage screen and clearing out random debris as it appears. Keeping a pool net on hand will save you some time when autumn hits, though you can always invest in a pool covering to save you even that trouble. You also should check your water’s chlorine levels, as being too high or too low can put you at risk of getting sick. If you live in an area with a high concentration of insects, this next part of the list is for you.

Keeping Mosquitoes And Flies At Bay

Tired of finding dead bugs in your pool? Keep them at bay with a pool cage screen designed to last. It’s thought there are over 3,000 species of mosquitoes today, with recent research stating there are over 200 million insects for each human on the planet. Mosquitoes are not just annoying, but they’re able to transmit disease in a variety of ways. Keeping them at bay means using patio screen mesh that’s free from holes or weakened materials, as some bugs are notoriously stubborn and will take an inch from a mile. Pool screen rolls are a must-have during the warmer months.

How To Maintain Your Pool Year-Round

It’s time to come up with a game plan to keep your pool clean and free from unwanted pests. The pool cage screen is designed to not just keep insects at bay, but trap them if they get too curious. Make sure to repair any holes immediately so none slip through and potentially contaminate your swimming space. Just because an insect looks dead doesn’t mean it actually is! Enjoying your time in your outdoor pool is just as much about staying safe as it is about getting in your regular hours.

Swimming should be refreshing, not annoying and potentially dangerous. Invest in Super Screen™ fiberglass screens this winter so you’re ready for what summer has to offer!

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