Mini Corbels and Different Types of Molding for Classic Interior Design

Molding and millwork play such a great role in the decor of any home or other location, there is an incredible amount of variation and beauty available. While this is usually a very specific creation, as well as a very detailed woodworking process, there is much to consider when spending the money on decorations like vintage molding, mini corbels, egg and dart molding, and any other of these architectural wood carvings.

What Are Mini Corbels

Very specifically designed and carved molding and millwork includes both traditional corbels and mini corbels. Some of these are fairly simple, filling the square corners of ceiling trim with a small corbel that only has an inner curve. Others hold much more detailed architectural designs or more of a similarity to ancient architecture like some of those classics we recognize from Greek culture.

Molding Offered in Addition to Corbels

One key intention of the mini corbels and other moldings are improved decor and other beauty additions to the home. While we have large corbels, mini corbels, and other moldings, there are hundreds of additional options that can help with the interior design of any room in your home:

  • Carved wood trim
  • cherry branch molding
  • Corinthian pilasters
  • Custom architectural wood carving
  • Decorative carved moldings
  • Fireplace corbel designs
  • Fluted molding
  • Fluted pilasters
  • Wood carving designs
  • Wood onlays

The addition of classical and vintage style has really increased since the 18th century, with the use of these corbels and other moldings a very popular item of decor. With traditional design throughout the home, there is the ability to use any of the three different Greek architecture types: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. Additionally, as time has passed, some of those eras and cultures that have developed here in the United States have become valuable for traditional or vintage decor as well.

With corbels able to decorate the trim along the ceiling, or at the corner of the wood paneling used for half of a wall, sometimes for fireplaces, or even for the exterior of a home as well. Considering the fact that wood can be treated and cared for properly, it is able to last for hundreds of years, along with the classic homes that have been maintained so well for centuries. With mini corbels and more, there is the ability to keep a classic home up-to-date steadily for many years with well-treated wood. A home can be decorated beautifully and can also remain beautiful with the proper care, and these moldings and more are able to serve that purpose.

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