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How Old Are the Sewer Systems in Your Community?

The new state where you are living seems lovely, but you are adjusting to some problems at your rental. You are loving the classes and people so far, and your new place is liveable entirely due to the efforts of your mother and best friend. And while having a livable place is a major blessing, minor sewer gas leaks and subsequent shutdown of the water in your apartment has me without hot water for at least a couple days. The below freezing temperatures outside and the previous tenant’s failure to pay an internet bill has you waiting at least a couple of days for the provider to allow you to have internet. This is not an ideal start, and the fact that you are still recovering from the flu and trying to be home for your new puppy as he gets used to the new place, too, has provided some challenges.
Today you will leave your dog home with lots of blankets and a sweater, and hope that by the time you get home from classes the sewer gas leaks will have been fixed and that the water will

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