Getting the Right Roof and Siding Work Done

Homes today can be built from a number of different materials, and varying materials will have their own advantages and disadvantages over each other and differing traits, maintenance needs, and aesthetics, not to mention different costs. For any home, having a good roof and solid siding for the walls is a must, and someone who buys a used home may want to repair or replace the roof or siding if it is worn out, damaged, or simply unattractive. Roof installation can be done when an house’s roof is badly damaged and too expensive to fix, or if a roof is blown off or badly damaged in storms such as hurricanes or heavy hail, or even if squirrels cause a lot of damage and water leaks. Roof installation is also an opportunity for homeowners to explore different materials for their roofing, such as asphalt tiles vs metal roofs, and the perks of each. Siding for the home may be made of wood, and some species of wood are very popular such as cedar siding and more. A homeowner can mix and match different materials to make a home that is cost-efficient, attractive, and practical (such as insulation for internal climate control).

Roof Repair and Roof Installation

Fixing or replacing a home’s roof can be done when a homeowner looks up and contacts a local roofing company, and the crew members of such a company will be ready to perform roof installation or repair as needed, and follow the homeowner’s guidelines on what they want installed. Why might a home need roof installation? As mentioned above, an older home may have a roof that is missing tiles, or it may have leaks that allow water into the home or the roof’s insulation may be very poor. None of these traits are to be desired, so the buyer of an old home may contact roofing crews to put an entirely new roof in place. A new roof will be leak-proof and attractive, and it will have effective insulation to keep the home from leaking warm air in winter or cool air in summer, helping keep the electric bill under control. Roof repair may be needed if hail punches holes in the roof or blasts off tiles, and if squirrels chew their way into the attic, they will create holes that leak water, and the squirrels may chew on electric cords or plastic pipes. Roofing crews may remove the squirrels and repair the damage that they did, and also apply special paint that repels squirrels who try to get back in. Tree branches can also be trimmed back so squirrels cannot access the roof so easily.

The Siding

Roof installation may not be the only repair job that an old house needs. If its current siding is worn out, badly damaged, or very unappealing to look at, a homeowner can hire crews to repair siding and get new materials put in place that are attractive, insulated, and easy for maintenance. One option is cedar, a popular wood for wooden siding jobs today. What are the perks of cedar? It is durable, for one thing, and cedar siding may last for up to 25 years if it received proper maintenance over the years to prevent rot or expansion from water damage. Paint and sealer can be applied to cedar siding every few years to help keep it in good shape, and this can be done once every three to seven years either on the homeowner’s part or if crews are brought over to take care of this work. Painted cedar siding should be repainted about once every 10 to 15 years or so, and stained cedar should e re-stained about once every five to 10 years to keep it durable and attractive.

Someone looking for roof installation or siding installation can look up local roofing and siding contractors and compare and contrast their prices and fees, availability, and customer reviews to find out which crew is best for the job. These crews will often have their own website that customers can visit, with videos, photos, and articles to explain the work the crews can do and what materials they work with. Contact information should also be available on a website.

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