The Right Paint for a Home Project

Wood remains a common and important material for construction and everyday life, even with the presence of metal and steel, and in an American home today, some furniture and features such as a wooden deck or porch, a baby crib, a table or chair, or a dresser may need primer, paint, or varnish. A responsible homeowner will know what material to get for each paint job and how to use them, and also keep safety in mind, especially where baby furniture is concerned, since infants are especially vulnerable to airborne toxins and allergens, as are toddlers and small children. But if safety is observed for using a clear varnish or getting anti slip paint, a person can start color matching their furniture, walls, or wooden deck to make an attractive visual theme in the home. Many homeowners like to have a consistent theme of colors and style in the entire house, so color matching is something to strive for when repainting something. A clear coat for wood work can help protect painted or bare wood, and the best paint for baby crib painting will be low in toxins or other dangers.

Paint Hazards

Paint is nearly universal for decorating items on a surface level, but someone who is painting furniture for color matching home improvement must put safety first, or a lot of airborne toxins might be accidentally released. Common among these toxins are VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, and these can be harmful to anyone in the right concentration, and especially so for toddlers and infants. Allergies may be set off or developed if a noxious paint job is done, or if painting is done incorrectly or with the wrong materials. A study done by the Survey Research Institute at Cornell University, for example, found that 83% of travelers reported wanting to choose an allergy-free room if they could, and 59% of travelers would choose one hotel room over another based on the availability of allergy-free rooms. What is more, the Dampness in Buildings and Health study conducted in Sweden found that among children who have multiple allergic symptoms, PGE exposure nearly doubled the chances of developing allergic sensitivities to other allergens, too. Finally, a study performed recently found that if VOC levels are reduced in the indoor air of a workspace and if those levels are also reduced in outdoor air, cognitive performance can be boosted as much as 101% when compared to being exposed to a regular workspace. This can make a big difference for an office manager who may have too many VOCs in the air of their building.

Color matching different pieces of furniture in the home means more than style. It also means finding the safest and most suitable materials for the job, especially if color matching paint projects are being done for a baby’s room. Any couple would be delighted to do some color matching painting for the baby’s room, but expecting parents should take health into consideration here. They should only choose from paint that is rated for low VOC levels, and a lot of VOCs can have a huge and negative impact on a baby, who may be highly susceptible to developing allergies or even suffering brain damage from constant exposure to toxins in the air. Adults may be able to endure more VOCs, but even for the rest of the home, homeowners may want to keep the VOC levels under control. Old carpets and rugs may have a lot of VOCs in them, and homeowners may want to thoroughly wash or even replace old carpets or rugs to reduce airborne toxin rates. A deep cleaning service can be hired, such as from a reputable maid service, or contractors can be hired to tear up old carpeting and put new carpets down. It should be noted that new carpets and rugs can be dusted off and struck outdoors so that all kinds of particles are knocked out of them, and this process can remove a lot of VOC potential from the rug or carpet before it is installed. This could also be done before a new baby arrives, since it is low on the floor, near the carpet, such as while crawling.

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