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3 Ways Water Damages a Home’s Foundation

Most homes must rest on some type of foundation in order to remain safe. For instance, many builders place homes on pier and beam foundation with beams spaced up to 12 feet apart. A pier and beam foundation’s subfloor is made of plywood and at least a half inch thick. Whether your home sits on this type of foundation or another kind, it’s wise to ensure this part of your property avoids water damage. Unfortunately, inadequate drainage systems can cause this type of damage to take place. Here are three ways your property’s foundation can sustain water damage.

  • Bad Landscaping Work

    There’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting your yard to look great. Considering that, many homeowners contact professional landscapers for help with achieving this goal. That being said, it’s important to make sure you’re hiring landscapers who know what they’re doing. If not, these workers might end up causing damage to your yard. This often means taking a fine yard and tur

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