A Crack In The Foundation Signs Your Foundation May Need Repair

Do you ever feel as if the ground is moving beneath your feet? This can occur when you’re dizzy, or faint. It seems as if the ground is moving underneath you. However, in actuality, the ground underneath you is solid and permanent. It doesn’t move. It’s just a symptom of your dizziness, or a sign that you may faint. Well, what if I told you, that at times, the ground can move? Not just during the times when you’re dizzy!

Yes, the ground beneath us moves. To be more specific, different parts of the ground move independently. They flow. When this occurs, foundation is there to lend a helping hand. Foundations provide a platform for houses so that possibly brittle walls and floors do not separate. Additionally, foundation exists in the least active part of the ground; you can’t see it. Essentially, foundations support everything on land, human beings included. With that said, foundation is an extremely important and necessary part of all homes. But, foundation doesn’t always stay strong. Here are signs that your foundation may need commercial foundation repair.

First, there are common types of foundation used on homes. One type of foundation used is slab foundation. This type of foundation is typically used on homes that were built less than fifty years ago. There’s also pier foundation and crawl space foundation.

Issues With Doors And Windows

To begin, many homeowners will have to get residential foundation repair. This isn’t a “some houses” need it while others do not. If you have issues with your doors and windows, this is the most common sign your foundation is settling. More specifically, if your doors and windows are sticking shut, or they do not open and close like they used to, you may need foundation repair services.


If there are cracks on the interior of your home’s walls, or on the dry wall, this is a sign your home needs commercial foundation repair. Additionally, if there are cracks on the outside of your home, such as cracks on any bricks (in the shape of a zig zag) your home needs foundation repair. Similar to any issues with your doors and windows, cracks show settlement.


Following cracks, gaps between caulking and windows or doors may mean you need commercial foundation repair. Gaps are also a sign of settlement and shifting of your home. Also, if there are gaps between crown molding and the ceiling, this means that your home may need foundation repairs.

Sunken Floors Or Sinking Foundation

Observe your home. If you notice that the ground is sinking near your foundation, this could mean more than commercial foundation repair. If you notice your patio is pulling away from your home, this is another sign. Sinking can lead to big foundation issues. It’s imperative that if you notice any sunken floors or sinking foundation, you get it assessed right away.

Creases And Wrinkles

If you notice creases and wrinkles in your wall paper, this is a sign that your home is shifting. When your home’s foundation shifts, the wall paper also shifts, and it will rip, separate, or tear. If you notice this, you may need commercial foundation repair.


This mainly refers to sloping of your home’s floors. Some sloping is not a problem, and you can simply leave your home as it is. However, if your home slopes more than an inch every 15 to 20 feet, then you have some sloping issues that could possibly require commercial foundation repair.

Issues With The Basement Walls

If your basement walls are bowing inward, this could indicate there are some foundation problems caused by soil expansion. Many homes are built on different types of soil. In fact, in some states there are 60 different types of soil! When soil is wet, it expands. There are some problematic soil types, where soil problems can arise often. This expansion of wet soil causes it push against the foundation. As the wet soil dries, it pulls back away from your foundation. This can potentially cause weak areas in your home (like your basement walls), that will eventually begin to bow inward. You’ll want to consider commercial repair if you notice this occurring.

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