Putting in Decorative Tiles in a Pool

Human beings aren’t aquatic animals like dolphins or seals are, but all the same, people love to swim. Leisurely swimming in a pool, water sports like water polo, and competitive racing are all done in pools both public and private. Most communities will have at least one or two public pools that patrons can visit, and meanwhile, there are also private swimming pools that some homeowners install into their backyards. Pools can be either public or personal property, but the basic construction, and decoration, of a pool is pretty much the same. Some pools are bigger than others and have more features, but any pool should have fine construction materials, from its plaster to tiles. Pool step tile, glass mosaic tile, and more can be done with professional help. Pool tile designs and pool tile installations can handled by pool contractors for a public or personal pool alike, and this includes decoration. A homeowner may want their pool to look nice, and mermaid mosaics from attractive tiles are one thematic idea. Besides mermaid mosaics, a person might have wave or octopus or dolphin designs put in, too.


A swimming pool is more than a box with water in it. A good pool, public or personal, will have plaster on its walls and tiles that adhere to that plaster, making for a smooth, safe, and attractive surface. Other surfaces are known for their tiles too, such as bathroom or kitchen floors or even subway walls. Back in the early 1900s, subway tiles were first used in New York stations, and they were a durable and easy-to-clean surface that also reflected light. Today, tiles are a staple for swimming pools, and they may range in color and style. Some pools are plain white squares, while others may have marbled colors and have a more rectangular shape. For example, near the water line in a pool, the tiles may be longer like bricks and have a different color than the tiles in the rest of the pool. This can be a useful visual cue for high the water goes, and helps swimmers find the pool’s edge.

Tiles might break or wear out over time, and this is where pool maintenance comes in. Every so often, a swimming pool can be emptied of its water, and contractors will go in and repair and update anything that needs fixing. Plaster, for example, will sometimes wear out and become rough, forming sharp points that can hurt to step on or even cut skin on contact. So, worn out plaster can be scraped away and replaced with fresh plaster that’s allowed to dry before the pool is refilled.

And of course, tiles sometimes need replacement, even glass or mosaic tiles. These decorations look like, such as mermaid mosaics in a personal pool, but they need care. Tiles may degrade or even break off over time, and this can be both unsightly and possibly a minor hazard for swimmers. During pool maintenance, contractors will scrape and break off old tiles, put down adhesive, and add new ones to patch up any affected areas.

Similarly, pool contractors can be contacted if a pool is having its look updated. A homeowner may decide that his or her pool has a pretty plain look, and wants to spice it up a little. This can involve adding new waterline tiles, for example, which make the pool look neater and give it more definition. Fun patterns can be placed when plain tiles are removed and replaced with colorful ones. Patterns with small, colorful tiles can make a pool more festive and unique, such as mermaid mosaics or wave patterns and more. This may be tricky work for a homeowner to attempt alone, so contacting pool tile contractors is the best idea. A homeowner who wants mermaid mosaics installed, for example, can search online to find contractors who can handle this, such as “pool tile contractors Dallas TX” or “pool tile experts in Los Angeles CA”. This can show some nearby crews who can do this work, and a homeowner can choose among those contractor teams for the one they like best. The pool owner can also visit all the contractors’ websites for photo and video samples of their work.

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