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HVAC Maintenance Plays an Important Part in the Heating and Cooling System in Any Home or Business

The social media post was directed at the high school band families, but anyone could make a contribution. As many in your community were going about their everyday lives because the area flooding avoided them. Everyone knows, however, that many around the area have been effected by the flooding in recent weeks. It has come to the attention of the group, however, that the high school night and event custodian has been severely impacted with the loss of property and loss of wages from not being able to be at work. This custodian does a lot for the band around the building and is an extremely hard worker. He helps out during Thursday night rehearsals, March-a-thon events, concerts, and many other areas.
As a result, the group has decided to take up a monetary collection to help support the custodian and his family. Every little bit helps, and it would mean a lot coming from the band that he helps support throughout the year. Anyone who is able and willing to help in this effort, is e

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