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When a House is Built From ICFs

The construction industry in the United States is enormous, and countless contractor crews are hard at work building today’s houses, offices, banks, libraries, and more. A wide variety of materials are used for this work, from wood to bricks to steel and glass. Many American homes are built from such materials, but there is another, more energy efficient option: ICF building blocks. These are “insulated concrete forms,” and houses built from them tend to be durable and energy efficient for years to come. They may be ranked among green building materials, since they make home insulation very easy and thus reduce strain on the power-hungry HVAC system. These energy efficient walls are a money-saver for the homeowner and reduce the need for pollution-heavy power plants to produce so much electricity. What is there to know about these energy efficient concrete forms, and how do they tie in with the energy bill?

The Nature of ICFs

First developed by ac Canadian contractor name

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