American Homes Are Losing Money To Energy Bills Useful Tips To Keep Your Wallet Cool For The Summer

Summer is creeping up on everyone. Is your HVAC ready for the long, sweltering days?

Instead of waiting until the heat is too much and you’re at your wit’s end, consider looking into HVAC repair. Your heating and cooling system has a big task ahead of it, regulating temperature in your home to circulating your air into a cleaner state. Anything less and you’ll not just be uncomfortable…you’ll be wasting money. Many Americans today find themselves at a loss when the weather gets extreme. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping your furnace or HVAC doesn’t fall apart prematurely…

…look below to learn more about your options so you can enjoy your vacation comfortably.

Americans Are Losing Too Much Money On Heating And Cooling Expenses

High energy bills have all but become a staple nowadays. Just take a look at some of the statistics regarding energy usage in the United States. Recent studies have found air conditioners are in two-thirds of American homes…and at least half of all these homes spend 50% of their monthly income on energy bills. While some of this can be attributed to poor energy conservation habits, some of it is also due to hidden problems. From duct leaks to cracks in your floorboards, there are plenty of ways to keep your systems working well year-round.

A Good HVAC System Should Clean Your Air And Regulate Your Temperature

When’s the last time you looked at your HVAC for possible areas of improvement? You could be missing out on some wonderful energy conservation methods. The average HVAC unit lasts around 12 years, though it’s recommended by most air conditioning repair professionals you look for a new installation once you hit the decade mark. Duct leakage is one of the most common strains on today’s HVAC systems, sapping between 20% and 50% of your energy. Clogged filters can also be an issue, so make sure to swap those out every three months or so.

Furnaces Last A Long Time, But They Still Need Regular Maintenance

For those that have a furnace and don’t have to worry about heating for the next few months, it’s still recommended you give it some heating maintenance. The last thing you want when fall comes back around is a furnace that decides it doesn’t want to work! Furnace have a lifespan between 15 to 17 years, though even they still need regular maintenance. If your furnace is making strange noises — or doesn’t start up as quickly as it used to — that could be a sign it’s getting old. Furnace repair is a quick job with huge benefits.

There Are Several Good Habits You Can Use To Save Money

What else can you do alongside regular HVAC repair? You can tack on a few energy saving habits in your home to slash energy bills and bring sanity back into the fold. Installing a programmable thermostat is one of the best additions you can make to your home, able to save you 10% on your heating bills easily. Switching out your air filters will also save you money, as it keeps from adding unnecessary strain to your system. Last, but not least, regular maintenance can catch small problems before they become expensive issues.

Common Signs You Should Be Calling For HVAC Repair Services

You’re ready to go for the summer…that is, save for your HVAC. What should you do next to keep yourself from spending too much money? Reach out to an HVAC repair professional in your area and ask them to swing by for a check-up. Studies have shown regular maintenance of your commercial HVAC system can reduce unexpected breakdowns by up to 75%. That’s before all the other benefits of a lower energy bill and fresher air.

An air purifier is nice. So is a Comfortnet thermostat. At the end of the day, though, it’s a properly working heating and cooling system that will keep you cool for the summer.

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