The Most Common Plumbing Problems at Home

Most homeowners can confirm owning a toolkit that helps them solve common plumbing issues that do not require the help of a plumber. It could be a simple clogged sewage, a blocked water pipe or a clogged toilet that needs some elbow grease to start working. However, there are major plumbing issues that you should never try by yourself and require a professional plumbing service. Some of these issues include gas line repair, water heater repair and water pipe repair. Such tasks are left to professional plumbers due to the nature of the repairs and complexity of the problem. One wrong move could be catastrophic and could see you spend even more on major repairs. So what are some of the most common plumbing problems affecting most homes today?

Dripping Faucet
Any plumber will tell you that dripping faucets are a common problem in most households. However, this common problem is one of the most ignored plumbing issues by most people for reasons known to them. Have you ever tried sleeping and there is a dripping faucet in the next room. Throughout the entire night, you will have to find a way to deal with the irritation from the faucet for the entire night. While it might not appear like a big deal, faucet drips can see your water bill skyrocket over time. Typically, water enters your home at high pressure as it moves along the pipes. When the water is not running, the washers prevent water to push its way out of the pipes by forming a water-tight seal. Over time, the washers become torn thereby allowing some water to trickle out of the pipes.

Low Water Pressure
Have you ever encountered a problem whereby instead of water gushing out of the tap, all that comes out is a trickle? This is mostly a problem associated with low water pressure. In some instances, you don’t need to call a plumber as this sometimes is a problem with the municipal water supply. However, low water pressure can also be as a result of deposits or sediments build up on faucet aerators. It is common knowledge that water contains dissolved minerals. These minerals are finally deposited on the metal surface and the inner surface of the aerators. This is what causes the flow of water to slow. To address the issue, you can try removing the aerators and soaking them in any solution that ultimately dissolves the deposits. If the situation doesn’t change even after you have cleaned the aerators, you should call a professional plumber as the problem could be more complex such as a breach in the pipes.

Leaky Pipes
Leaks can be some of the costliest plumbing issues you can encounter in your home. Leaks are so common that homeowners have gotten accustomed to coming across a puddle under a pipe or major leaks under the sink. Leaks mostly occur on joints and one of the basic repair solutions is using commercial joint fillers. However, commercial joint fillers and other fitting compounds are seen as temporary solutions as they cannot guarantee that the leak will not recur in future. For your sink, replacing the joint under your sink might not be a tasking job but it can be quite messy. It is recommended that you seek help from plumbing services and you can be left cleaning up later.

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