Four Benefits Of Using Trash Removal Services

Of all the issues we face in today’s world, the ever-growing amount of waste and trash continues to be one of the biggest. We hear all the time about the importance of recycling and being more eco-friendly, but landfills continue to fill up at high rates and trash continues to be generated.

Consider that the average person in the United States generates four pounds of trash and that North America alone produces 50% of all the garbage in the world. On average it costs $50 a ton to send trash to landfills and around $70 to incinerate it.

For many people, the “out of sight, out of mind” sentiment justifies not taking time to recycle and whether they know it or not, littering costs money. Ten pieces of litter can be collected in a minute and can be done by literally anybody. Yet every year, up to $11.5 billion is spent to clean up litter.

The benefits and advantages of recycling are well documented. Each ton of mixed paper that’s recycled can save the energy equivalent of 165 gallons of gasoline. Additionally, recycling just one ton of paper saves between 15-17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water and almost half a year’s worth of electricity for the average household in North America.

Many cities and towns have stepped up their efforts to recycle, it’s clear that not everyone is taking advantage of those programs. In fact, 87% of Americans have access to drop-off paper recycling programs and curbside trash removal services. These can be very beneficial, but only if they are used.

In a lifetime, the average American throws away 600 times the amount of his/her adult weight in garbage. As if that wasn’t enough, North Americans produce enough garbage to fill 70,000 garbage trucks, which would stretch halfway to the moon should they be lined bumper to bumper.

To help increase recycling efforts at local levels, commercial trash service can do a lot to help on that front. In fact, waste management encompasses up to 20 different industries and it’s a lot more than just picking up trash. No matter which company handles your waste, a commercial trash service, or another type of service, there are many benefits that waste removal services can provide:

  • Helping the Environment: As a kid, you probably learned about the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. It’s a great guide to follow for everyday recycling and can help cut down on the amount of trash that folks throw away. For the trash that is thrown away, it may be removed by city trash services and taken to a landfill or it may be taken by a commercial trash service and sorted through properly before any of the waste ends up at its final resting place. Private waste management services can also be helpful in properly sorting out trash. Above all, these services can go a long way in helping the environment.
  • Customizing Waste Collection: As mentioned previously, waste management encompasses a lot of different industries including trash removal services, metal removal, construction debris removal and concrete removal. Waste management companies, either commercial or private, can pick up a variety of waste and help the average person learn how to dispose of things in a proper manner.
  • Competitive pricing: Municipal trash removal services can be very beneficial, but depending on where you live, you might end up pay a bit of money. Private and commercial companies can offer competitive pricing and perhaps a wider variety of services more so than municipal services
  • Supporting the Economy: Commercial trash service and private services are independently owned and may not be subject to strict rules of municipal companies. As such, a commercial trash service can to a lot to help the economy of the area it’s based in. Working with a commercial trash service helps your money stay local.

Whether you use municipal, commercial or private waste management services, it’s important to use them regularly and correctly to properly dispose of your trash. Disposing of it correctly will reduce the strain on the nation’s landfills and go a long away in helping to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

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