Tips for Staying Safe During a Hurricane

There are many different things you need to think about when trying to prepare for a hurricane. Hurricane season is June 1 to November 30. Hurricanes can be very serious and cause you to lose power and your home can suffer from damage. Hurricanes can also cause it to be very difficult to get out onto the roads to buy food or water or to find fuel for your car. There are certain precautions you can take to ensure that you and your family are safe when it comes to a natural disaster like a hurricane.

1. Stock up on food and water

If there is warning that a hurricane might be coming your way, you will want to head to the store to pick up nonperishables and a lot o bottled water to have on hand. Once a hurricane comes through an area, it can be very hard to get back out to get more food or water if you run out. This could be due to road closures, flooding, and loss of power. Some of the best foods to have on hand include canned and packaged goods like peanut butter, crackers, trail mix, dried fruits, and bread.

2. Fill up on gas

You will also want to ensure that you have enough fuel in your gas tank just in case it is difficult to get ga later on. You might need this for an emergency or you might need to evacuate.

3. Hurricane-proof your home

You can invest in hurricane impact sliding glass doors and hurricane proof windows. Impact glass doors can help keep you and your family safe from hurricane force winds which can cause severe damage to your home and could potentially hurt someone. Talk to an expert when choosing hurricane proof windows and hurricane impact sliding glass doors. Professionals will be able to help you find the right kind of equipment you need to keep your home safe.

You can stay safe from a hurricane by buying the right food and water, getting a full tank of gas, and prepping your home with all the right equipment for a hurricane like hurricane impact sliding glass doors.

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