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Thee Ways to Extend the Life of your Gutters

If you’re starting to notice problems with your roof and your basement water, the unlikely culprit may be a clogged gutter. Rain gutters have existed since ancient times (taking the shape of gargoylesat the end of the Roman empire) and the technology itself is very similar to what it was thousand of years ago. Then, as now, gutters are subject to clogging and leaks. Whether you have a metal gutter system or a stone gargoyle on a parapet, here are a few ways to prevent your rain gutters from falling into disrepair.

Clean them Regularly

Ideally, you should have gutter cleaning services paying you a visit twice a year. Clogged gutters are one of the biggest contributors to flooded basements, which can result in thousands of dollars in unanticipated costs. Hiring a professional gutter cleaning company saves you from having to climb ladders and stand on roofs, which can be dangerous if you’re not a profe

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