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Using Solar Energy for the Home Today

The world has an increasingly voracious appetite for energy, and this is a resource whose demands must be met or else there may be consequences. For a long time, fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas, and even coal, have powered steam locomotives and tractors and fueled power plants. Burning these fuels would boil large quantities of water that are forced steam to flow through narrow tubes, and this pressurized steam would rotate turbines to create energy. Today, such methods are still used, but using solar energy has become a strong competitor for a number of reasons, and solar companies are working hard around the world to meet more and more energy needs through solar panel installation instead of fossil fuels. Some nations around the world have announced goals for using solar energy, as part of a global “go green” initiative that is strongly rooted in phasing out fossil fuels. Done a large enough scale, many argue, using solar energy can drastically curb harmful emissions. What a

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