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The Right Lighting Can Improve the Safety of Any Space

The phone call from your neighbor did not go well.
If you had to do it all over again, however, you are certain that the phone call would not have gone any better the second time.
Your neighbor across from the street called to tell you that she and three of her friends had decided that your house was the cause of some of the problems with vandalism in the neighborhood. She was calling to ask if you would trim the big tree in front of your house. The one that was blocking the streetlight and keeping that part of the street dark, in a time when there have more break ins than normal.
The fact that the street light on your corner is blocked by tree is not an indicator of your upkeep. It is a result of the neglect of the city. There are also cross walk and speed bump signs that are invisible because they, too, are covered by overgrown trees.
Although the call did not go well, you actually did call the city and report the lighting problem.
Street and Parking Garag

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