Gators, Gators Everywhere Alabama Alligator Hunting Season is Here

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Unless you have a prime piece of Alabama hunting land for sale, you aren’t likely to encounter a gator this summer. Unless, of course, you own a computer, in which case alligators have been everywhere.
This week you may have seen a viral news story about a truly massive reptile haunting a Florida golf course. An unusually large alligator was seen prowling the green, and the footage even received its own “Jurrasic Park” style remix video,
seen here.
There’s a simple reason the videos went viral, too. While we can only assume that Floridians live in some humid bizarro world where alligators and other oddities are a regular part of daily life, but most Americans will go their entire lives without ever seeing an alligator in the flesh (let alone on the golf course). If you live in the American northeast, Midwest, West Coast, or really anywhere except the southeast, alligators might as well be dinosaurs. Yet they aren’t uncommon for those in the south with farm land for sale.
So it’s easy to forget that for residents of Gulf states like Florida and Alabama, there are actually so many alligators that they’ve become a nuisance. Case in point, this June Alabama officially opened registration for the Yellohammer state’s 11th regulated alligator hunt. Since this is the 21st century, anyone over the age of 16 can even register online.
According to, “The administrative fee to apply for an alligator possession tag is $22 and individuals may register one time per zone. The tag is free but selected hunters and their assistants are required to have valid hunting licenses in their possession while hunting, according to the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.”
Fishing and hunting are big business here in the United States, which has a long tradition of hunting as sport. Fly fishing alone is a $750 million enterprise in the states. It’s also becoming increasingly popular for specialty realtors to offer farm land for sale as hunting lodges instead, although even those with Alabama hunting land for sale will still need special gator permits. U.S. farming isn’t growing like it used to, and so many people with farm land for sale now advertise their property as a hunting ranch. Turning farmland for sale into a pristine lot has helped numerous farms and ranches make money in the 21st century.
Alligator hunting ups the ante for anyone used to hunting after trout or deer. While it takes a tremendous amount of skill and patience to hunt deer and fowl, not many hunters will ever go after an animal that can fight back in the way gators can.

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