Firewood Delivery Helps Keep Your Home Warm

Firewood for sale

When it’s chilly outside, nothing says comfort like a wood fire. In fact, wood stoves and fireplaces are much more than a practical way to stay warm. They come with a whole range of associations: old-fashioned comfort, romance, self-reliance, and an outdoorsy and simpler way of life. Besides, cutting and chopping firewood is an excellent form of exercise. For those who don’t live in the woods or on a farm, firewood delivery can help you recreate that world of comfort and security.

Firewood delivery to keep your home warm
Firewood delivery can help you use the most ancient and comfort-giving form of heat in your home. If you don’t have access to wooded property where you can chop or forage your own firewood, having your firewood delivered the best way to ensure as steady supply of correctly shaped, seasoned logs that will give your home warmth and comfort throughout through the cold season.
Even if you are lucky enough to live out in the country, you may not have the time or energy to chop your own firewood. For many people, age and health can also prevent them from preparing their own firewood. Firewood delivery makes it easy keep the fireplace or wood stove going, making your home a warm and cozy retreat.

Cozying up by the fireplace
A working fireplace is a major plus for most people when it comes to finding a place to live. Realtors have found that nearly half, or 48%, of home buyers would pay extra for a home with a working fireplace.its one of the top three feature that homebuyers would most like to find.
In response to this trend, as many as 60% of her homes are being built with fireplaces, compared to 36% in the 1970s. Firewood delivery gives you the choice to use your fireplace or wood stove as a primary source of heating without all the effort.

Seasoned wood burns better
The difference between seasoned and green wood depends on the moisture content. Green wood that has been freshly cut can have as much as 45% water content. When used in a fireplace, it will be smoky and not produce much heat. By contrast, seasoned wood has about 20 to 25% moisture content and burns much better.
Seasoned wood gives off less or no smoke, and provides about 20% more heat than freshly cut green wood. In general, the moisture content in wood should be less than 30% so that it can burn properly and give off the optimum amount of heat which is measured in stored BTUs.

Firewood basics
It takes a little effort to learn about types of firewood, how to store it, and how to start and keep a fire going. But the results are ell worth the effort.

  • Firewood is dried in modified lumber kilns to reduce moisture content to 25% or below.

  • Standard logs have a length of 16 inches, to fit easily into fireplaces and wood stoves. Firewood is sold in cords, which are 4 feet high, 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. Cords can also be sold in smaller units, such as 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 cords.

  • Stacking firewood in standard 4- or 8-foot increments in your storage area, which could be a garage, shed or basement, helps to keep it dry and accessible.

  • For novices, fire starters and even firelogs can be a way to learn to make fires before moving on to firewood. Fire logs however don’t provide the crisp, characteristic smell of a wood fire.

Everybody loves a wood fire and the warmth it brings to your home or camp. Firewood for sale and firewood delivery can help you ensure that you never run out of fuel for one of the most necessary things in your life.

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