5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Residential window replacement

You home needs to live up to its expectations. For most homeowners, that means that your house needs to look its best and function efficiently. But if your home windows are old or damaged, neither of those needs are being met. And while getting replacement windows might not be high on your list of renovation priorities, new window installation can actually change the look of your entire home and will actually save you money in the long term. For the sake of aesthetics and your wallet, getting replacement windows is often a worthwhile investment.
But how do you know if you need residential window replacement? There are several indications you might need new window installation, but the following five are telltale signs that you should call your local window installers sooner rather than later.

  1. There are noticeable drafts
    A closed window should keep cold air out in the winter and should make sure it doesn’t escape in the summertime. If your home feels chilly, especially when you get close to your windows, your windows likely need to be replaced. Warped vinyl or cracked wood can often cause gaps where air can enter and escape.
  2. Your energy bills keep climbing
    If you notice your heating and cooling bills are increasing for seemingly no reason, your windows may actually be to blame. Drafty windows will force your HVAC system to work a lot harder than necessary, which results in much higher electric bills. You may want to compare your current bill to the same time last year to make sure, but if your bills are drastically higher and the weather hasn’t differed too much from the year before, you may need to call for new window installation.

  3. Your windows are difficult to maneuver
    Are your windows becoming much harder to open and close? If so, it may be time to consider window replacement. New windows will glide easily, but older windows are often a challenge to open, keep open, or shut. Whether you have a new build or a historic home, you should be able to open them without a struggle.
  4. You notice frost or condensation on the inside
    When a home has multi-paned windows, those windows are designed to have a pocket of gas in between the panes. Should you see condensation or frost on the interior of the window, that’s a sign that the gas seal is broken and the window has lost its energy efficiency. There’s no way to repair this, so you’ll need to replace your windows.
  5. You notice excessive noise or pest activity
    When homes are located near busy roads or centers of activity, new windows can keep a lot of the resulting noise out of your home. But older windows can let a lot of that noise inside and can be a real distraction. If you live on a bustling street, near railroad tracks, or near a fire station and are bothered by the noise, window replacement may help. In addition, if you notice a lot of critter activity, your old windows may not be helping much, especially if they’re broken or have gaps. New windows, on the other hand, can keep insects and other small critters from getting into your home altogether.

Experiencing any of these warning signs? Now’s the time to schedule your new window installation. If you put it off, you’ll likely be dealing with high bills and other nuisances for the foreseeable future.

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