DIY Or Don’t? Important Safety Concerns to Consider

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Owning a home contributes to increasing your handyman skills. You will find yourself tinkering with and attempting to fix things you never imagined. You will search home improvement databases and follow DIY bloggers, attempting to understand the working of a house. Although DIY projects can definitely save you money and cut costs on an expensive project, it is important to always keep safety regulations in mind. Some projects should never be attempted yourself and basic safety guidelines should always be followed.


Professional electricians spend many years learning their trade. One of the most important parts of fully grasping their job includes understanding safety protocols. When there is a problem with the electrical in your home, your house is at risk for fire and electrical damages. Also, touching and twisting the wrong wires can lead to injuries. If you experience any electrical problems with your house, it is best to contact local contractors who are familiar and specialized with electrical work.

Complete renovations

Smaller renovations do not require full scale demolition or the movement of wires, flooring, or plumbing. If your project simply requires the movement of some cabinets, for example, go ahead. However, if you must also remove all of the existing cabinets, as well as the sink and appliances, it may be best to use a professional familiar with large scale construction projects. Making just one mistake can be very expensive and damaging to the house.


You probably already handle minor plumbing problems. If the toilet becomes backed up, you grab the plunger and correct it. If the kitchen sink faucet is leaking, you tighten it to stop the leak. Some plumbing repairs are simple and can save you hundreds by completing them yourself. However, some plumbing problems require much more advanced of plumbing skills, such as pipe lining and excavation. If you find that your toilet is constantly clogged, there may be a problem further down the line that requires advanced pipe lining and excavation services. Full service plumbing companies are better at diagnosing and completing larger problems.

Professional plumbing services may also be needed for the proper installation of the water heaters. Heating your water is a crucial part of any household. It gives you the ability to shower and cook. It also makes it so you can properly wash your dishes and clothing. Typically, tankless water heaters provide hot water at a rate of two to five gallons per minute. Improper installation of a tankless water heater can prevent you from having regular hot water and can even be a fire hazard. They also can cost you move in utility usage over time, as old water heaters can account for as much as 30% of your home?s entire energy consumption.

Foundation work

Your house sits on a strong foundation. If that foundation were not strong or becomes compromised in any way, parts of the household will start to crumble. This can occur naturally over time or can be the result of improper pipe lining and excavation. If you notice any cracks or problems with your foundation, consult with a professional foundation specialist as soon as possible.

HVAC systems

Inspections and needed repairs of your HVAC system are not always dangerous. However, you may still want to use a professional HVAC contractor. Older furnaces can be fire hazards and poorly functioning air conditioners can significantly increase your energy bills. As a general rule to remember, if furnaces are more than 10 years old, it is best to have them inspected annually.

DIY home projects are the new trend. They save you money, increase your home renovation knowledge, and allow you to completely customize your house. Although DIY projects are a great idea for many household needs, not every aspect of the home should be DIY. Safety should always be a top concern and if you lack knowledge of something, outsource it. Some tasks, like pipe lining and excavation skills can actually cause more damage to your house, if you are not aware of proper techniques. Save yourself money, time, and danger by carefully considering each DIY project.

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