The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Radon Exposure

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Radon exposure at high levels have been found all throughout the United States. Because of this, in the last 30 years, radon mitigation has become a huge industry in the country. With many different companies offering services to help reduce radon home exposure, the industry continues to grow significantly. There are also many programs and regulations that have been started to help people understand the dangers of radon, particularly when buying a home. In many states, potential buyers generally need to be made aware of any high levels of radon. Despite this, radon testing is not required in every state.

Radon testing companies, as well as radon abatement and mitigation, are extremely important. These companies help to protect us from radon exposure. Their services determine when homes are at risk for high levels, leading to a high risk of cancer for the individuals that live there. They are also equipped to help reduce exposure in these homes through radon mitigation.

Radon mitigation is often referred to as a process that reduces concentrations of radon in buildings with high exposure. It can be accomplished through ventilation, such as radon ventilation fans, or by increasing the number of air changes per hour. About one in every 15 homes in the United States have levels of radon high enough to indicate necessary mitigation services.

And these services have a huge impact on rates of cancer throughout the country. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Surgeon General have stated that roughly as many as 20,000 deaths due to lung cancer are a result of high radon exposure. With the appropriate services to reduce exposure, this number can be significantly reduced. Radon mitigation and abatement services have the potential to save lives.

Thus, if you are unsure about the radon levels in your home, or even a potential home you may buy, it is important to have these levels checked. About a third of all homes that were tested in seven different states showed levels of radon that were far above what the EPA would state is the level at which action should be taken.

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