How A New Roof Can Reduce Your Energy Bill By Up To 20% Every Month

Roofing replacement bismarck nd

How familiar are you with the ins and outs of your home? Do you regularly touch it up through maintenance or have you been falling behind over the months because of your busy schedule? Wherever you land on the spectrum, it’s time to take advantage of the good weather and see how you can’t perk your home up. Roofers are one such resource more American homeowners are choosing in an effort to reduce their energy bill and keep their house cozy, ideal when you want to tick off multiple boxes in one fell swoop. Perhaps your home is old and could use a new roof installation. Maybe it’s a newer model and just needs some roofing repair. Either way, you’ll be in good hands.

Reduce Your Heat Loss

Did you know up to 40% of heat loss in a home escapes straight through the attic? When you pair that with lackluster roofing materials and the cracks in windows and doors, you have a problem that needs to be looked at pronto. Roofing repair is keen on spotting faults in the foundation and determining whether or not you need a touch-up or an outright replacement. The latter is a particularly apt options for older homes, especially when you consider the following…

Save On Your Energy Bill

You can save an impressive amount of money on your energy bill by looking at your roofing options. The employment of roofers is expected to grow from around 14% between 2014 and 2024, considered much faster than average than most occupations. All in all, the demand for roofers means you’ll have more than enough options to choose from. A roof replacement can see you saving up to 20% per month on your energy bill alone.

Stay More Comfortable

When the seasons get extreme and you find yourself staying inside more, you’ll want your roof to reflect the changing weather. The average size roof can see a mere inch of rain adding up to 1,900 gallons of water straight to the gutters. When it comes to snow? You’ll want a roof that can hold up to the weight of constant snow and the pressure of ice and water. This is where a metal roof comes in.

Improve Your Home’s ROI

Fun fact! A metal roof is not just a great option for homeowners who want to save money. It’s a great option for homeowners who want their home to withstand the test of time and the real estate market. You see, metal roofing is the fastest growing segment in the roof industry with a near 6% CAGR. Additionally? A metal roof can last up to 30 years with very little maintenance. Yet more reasons to consider making the switch.

It’s Time To Install A New Roof

Don’t suffer through a hail damaged roof anymore. Look into your local roofers and see how they can add asphalt shingles to your foundation or install an entire roofing replacement for your aging home. You’ll save money on your energy bill, improve your home’s ROI and feel much more comfortable when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Best of all? It comes with very little long-term maintenance outside of recommended yearly check-ups. How’s that for a good home renovation idea?

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