How to Protect Your Employees from Slips and Falls

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As a business owner, you have probably never put too much thought into the commercial floor coatings of your business. It may actually be more important than you think to properly plan for and choose the concrete floor coverings that you will use in your place of business. Sufficient commercial floor coatings should include the following characteristics.

A safe and non slip floor coating

Having a commercial floor that is slippery can be dangerous and can end up costing a business a lot of money. In fact, smaller businesses can even be bankrupted by improper coverage and having an employee or customer slip and fall. Approximately 85% of worker?s compensation claims are attributed to employees slipped on slick floors. It is important to choose a floor material that is not naturally slippery. You will also want to consider how the floor will hold up when wet, such is the case with wet weather or spills on the floor.

A properly sealed floor

Some businesses are at risk of constant spills. Buildings such as warehouses, restaurants, and even manufacturing lines tend to have more spills than other types of businesses. If the floor material is not properly sealed and has a porous material, these spills can be absorbed into the floor. Over time, they can increase in bacteria and can emit harmful air contents or grow mold. Even if you have extremely porous flooring, you can cover it with commercial floor coatings to protect it. Polyaspartic coatings have low to zero VOC, meaning that they won?t negatively impact indoor air quality.

Safe flooring in every room

Some commercial businesses, and even residential homes will make the decision to properly seal the flooring in the main rooms and leave less frequented rooms, like the garage, unsealed. This can be a mistake as garages especially get a lot of foot traffic. Garage floor sealing companies can provide both business owners and homeowners with an effective garage floor sealant. You also do not have to worry about costs, as many residential floor coatings can be completed as a DIY project. Garage floor sealing companies, however, can give you valuable insight as to the best floor coverings to use.

Recommended minimum PSI ratings

Most floor coverings are rated by their PSI rating. The PSI rating lets buyers know just how much the substrate will adhere to the floor and how well it will protect the flooring. Commercial floor coverings are only as good as its adhesion to the concrete. The PSI measure at which concrete fractures is 400. Coatings at or above this level are considered to have optimal substrate adhesion. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should always follow minimum recommended guidelines. Most states or business codes have the minimum required PSI levels. These minimum requirements are based on optimal safety levels.

Increase the value of your commercial or residential property

In addition to protecting your floors and air quality in your commercial or residential property, you will also find that commercial floor coatings can increase the resale value. When buyers are looking at potential businesses, they want something that is in good shape. Putting a strong PSI level coating on your commercial floors prevents cracks, breaks, and wearing down of the concrete. When it comes time to sell your property, the floors will look brand new.

Most real estate owners, both commercial and residential do not give much thought to concrete floor coatings. Concrete can be very absorbent and over time, spills can decrease the air quality. Additionally, unsealed floors can be a dangerous risk, resulting in more people slipping and falling. You can easily protect your floors, your employees, and the value of your property with commercial floor coatings.

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