The Swimming Pool Versatile and Useful

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Pool. Water, blue, reflecting the sunlight. A warm summer day. The idyllic American image.

Pools, whether public or in the backyard, offer opportunities. There is:

  • Exercise
  • Lounging
  • Birthday parties with friends
  • Adult late night adventures
  • …Swimming.

Some important statistics to throw at you:

Swimming is the 4th most popular sport or activity in America.

The average person swims in a pool six times per year.

Swimming is the most popular recreational activity for children and teenagers aged seven to 17.

Let’s take these one by one.

Swimming as exercise.

There’s a reason the elder generation uses the pool at the local club. Swimming provides cardiovascular exercise that gives a great workout–from heart rate to respiratory activity to calories burned–while supporting the body.

This allows for a lesser degree of impact. Compared to a treadmill or elliptical or the bike, swimming protects those easy to damage joints at the knees and elbows. It lessens the impact on the entire body.

Those with arthritis or osteoporosis will find its effects enjoyable.

Pool time as lounging.

Pools are not just for swimming. Or exercising. Or taking a late night dip. Many, especially women, enjoy lounging at the pool. Soaking in the sun’s rays, reading a book, getting a tan, these are activities that replenish the heart, mind, and emotions.

The sun’s rays as well, warm and inviting, allow a person to de-stress. Think about it like holistic treatment. The physical is being affected, but also the mind and emotions as well.

A swimming pool as a environment for birthday parties with friends.

Backyard pools serve as the home base for often times social functions. A block party. A barbecue. A meet and greet with the neighbors. The water is inviting and the general atmosphere is relaxed and calm. It offers the opportunity to…

Give your child a memorable birthday party.

Children love pools. Teenagers love pools. Your child will be happy, to invite over countless numbers of his or her friends to enjoy the luxury and establishment of a pool. Tables can be set up in the backyard. Chairs and music. Whatever you want.

A setting for adult late night adventures.

The night sets. Alcohol is consumed. A party is thrown. But it’s not for children. It’s not for teenagers. It’s for adults, ages 18 and over, where adults converse, talk about school and jobs, and generally have a good time, all the while enjoying the atmosphere of a well-lit pool.

For this scenario, the functions of a pool are pretty varied. A party goes where its participants want it to go. After commitments and responsibilities are finished for the day, it’s time to enjoy life.

Here are some important characteristics to getting a pool.

  • To construct a pool, contact some swimming pool builders.
  • To renovate your pool, contact some pool renovations companies.
  • And if you’re in need of a pool screen

A pool screen contractor is a smart way to get your pool screened in. Pool screens help with falling leaves or debris, which may become difficult or time-consuming to clean up. A pool screen contractor takes a look at your pool and offers you a quote. If the pool screen contractor is reputable, the quote will be accurate for the job required.

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