How Plumbers Can Help Your Home

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As long as we’ve had indoor plumbing, we’ve needed plumbers. Plumbing dates back to the early days of civilization, existing in some way or another since 2500 b.c. But trying to find the best local plumbers and plumbing companies, not to mention affordable plumbing, can be difficult.

You’ll want to find one of the plumbing companies that can handle a number of different issues. For example, minor water leaks are very common and, to the 10% of homes they happen to every day, can waste a total of 90 gallons of water. These water leaks need to be dealt with, and it’s best to have a plumbing contractor take a look at the problem and give a professional opinion. In fact, having a plumber fix these leaks can save up to 10% on monthly water bills. A plumber can also prevent water damage. Did you know it only takes one inch of water to cause over $20,000 in damages in a 2000 square foot home? That’s an immense amount of money that could have been saved if one of the professional plumbing companies had looked at the problem while it was still minor.

Some plumbing companies can also deal with trenchless pipe repair. Trenchless pipe repair means that the plumbing companies can replace the sewer pipe lining without needing to remove the old pipe. They can simply snake through the new pipe and replace it. This trenchless sewer line replacement can save on cost and prevent the necessity to dig so invasively into your property.

Some plumbing companies are also breaking into the HVAC business. HVAC needs maintenance regularly after installation – over half of calls regarding no heat during the winter are due to a lack of maintenance – and these plumbing companies can provide that service. By changing filters the recommended every three months, you can keep your HVAC system up and running to peak efficiency. Having a good HVAC system is crucial to the amount of energy you use in your home. Without a good HVAC system, energy efficiency can drop as much as 30%.

Plumbing companies can save you lots in the cost of repairs by repairing minor problems before they become overwhelming.

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