When Was the Last Time You Mulched Your Trees and Flower Beds?

For those people in the midwest who are still dealing with the snowstorm that impacted one of the biggest travel days of the year it is difficult to imagine talking about mulch delivery and installation in the month of November. For home owners who live in the warmer regions of the south and southwest, however, this is exactly the time when you need to begin making plans for the upcoming rainy season or slight drop in temperatures.
No matter where you live, there is likely at least one or two times of the year when you want to make certain that you have your plans in place for mulch delivery and installation. First in the spring to help plants retain the moisture that they need in the summer and then again at the end of fall in preparation for winter, their are many property owners who make sure that they are doing everything possible to make sure that their trees and shrubs remain as healthy as possible.

Various Mulch Products Can Protect Your Trees and Plants and Make Your Home Look Its Best

With the use of hand delivered mulch or larger blower truck services you can make sure that every area around your home or office is always looking its best. Knowing that you have a delivery scheduled, for instance, can also help guarantee that you are able to have healthy plants no matter what time of the year it is.

Whether you are in charge of a space that you own or a space that you maintain, it is always important to do everything that you can to help your trees and shrubs get and absorb the water that they need. Consider some of these statistics about the landscaping industry and some of the benefits that mulching services can provide:

  • Spending as little as 5% of a home’s value on landscaping can yield a return on investment (ROI) of as much as 150%.
  • Depending on the type of bark and how well you maintain it, it is recommended that you apply new bark dust every two to four years.
  • 67% of Americans agree that professional landscaping would allow them to have a nicer yard, according to a recent survey by Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professionals.
  • $77 billion in annual revenue is generated by the landscaping industry.

Even if you live in a part of the country where you will not be seeing nice weather for many months, you might find some comfort in knowing that you can at least schedule mulch delivery and installation for next spring.

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