Here are 3 Easy Ways to Create an Outdoor Garden

Gardening has been a popular activity for hundreds of years, and continues to be so today. Every spring and summer, people travel to local garden centers to find the supplies they need to create everything ranging from extensive backyard gardens to a little flower garden in the front yard. If you’re looking to get into gardening, there are actually several easy ways to get started. Even if you feel like you don’t have a green thumb, it’s actually quite easy to start building a garden in your backyard that you can enjoy for many years. This article will look at several easy ways you can create an outdoor garden at your home.

  • Plan Perennial Bulbs: One easy way to start an outdoor garden is to plant perennial bulbs. These are flower bulbs that can be purchased at local garden centers and consist of flowers that reliably bloom at a certain point each year once the bulb is planted. Planting perennial bulbs ensures that you’ll have a pretty garden that grows each year without having to go out and plant new flowers every spring. Examples of perennial bulbs include: daffodils, crocus, gladiolas, and tulips.
  • Plant Easy to Maintain Annuals: Another easy way to start an outdoor garden is to plant easy to maintain annuals. Annuals are flowers that only bloom for a single year before dying. If you visit an outdoor garden center, you’ll see a variety of flowers for sale, but some flowers are easier to take care of than others. For example, one of the best varieties of annuals that you can plant are marigolds, which can generally take care of themselves once they’re planted. Find annuals that are relatively self-reliant and you’ll be able to enjoy a garden with minimal effort.
  • Only Plant a Few Varieties of Flowers: A third way that allows you to easily start a garden is to only plant a few varieties of flowers when you start out. As mentioned before, different flowers require different levels of care, and it might become overwhelming to plant a large variety of flowers at once. To make things easier on yourself, plant only one or two types of flowers, which will overall make the garden easier to care for. Once you’ve gotten the hang of a few types of flowers, you can expand the variety in your garden in the following years.

In conclusion, there are several easy ways to create an outdoor garden. All of these ways involve visiting local garden centers to purchase bulbs, flowers, and other gardening supplies. These easy ways include planting perennial bulbs, planting easy to care for annuals, and only planting a few varieties of flowers in your garden. By following any of these tips, you’ll be able to easily start a garden that you can enjoy for many years to come.

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