5 Common Benefits of Odorless Paints

The color of paint and surface finishes are the major concerns for most homeowners conducting a redecoration project. But little do they think about the strong odor or smell that some common paints emit after a painting session. Some fresh paint odors are strong and unpleasant. These odors may have adverse effects on house occupants who are allergic or sensitive to strong odors.

The unpleasant odor from fresh paint is as a result of emissions of volatile organic compounds, which are within the paint’s formulation. The VOCs occur in high concentrations in paints and traditional solvents. Paints and solvents with high levels of VOC cause marked side-effects to sensitive people who get exposed to them.

The best way to avoid the problems of VOC-based paints is to use odorless paint. This low odor paint is water-based and there is no need for a solvent. Here is a brief highlight of why odorless paint is beneficial to homeowners.

What are the Benefits of Odorless or VOC free paint?

1. Less volatile compound emissions

Odorless paints contain no volatile organic compounds. These paints are made from natural materials such as chalk, clay, talcum, plant dye, essential oils, resin, and beeswax. As such, they give off fewer emissions of unpleasant volatile compounds. These are the compounds responsible for the strong odor that gets emitted by conventional VOC and low-VOC paints. As such, odorless paints are ideal for indoor painting. This is because they can’t affect children and adults with allergies or high odor sensitivity.

2. Ideal for indoor spaces where ventilation isn’t optimal

Conventional VOC and Low-VOC paints emit lots of volatile organic compounds. The emitted compounds contribute to a strong odor that can lead to allergic reactions. Such symptoms may worsen if the indoor spaces where such paints are used has limited ventilation. As such, the ability of an odorless paint to emit no volatile compounds makes it ideal for indoor painting jobs where there is poor ventilation.

3. Odorless paints are ideal for painting the rooms of children and the elderly

The elderly and young children often have great sensitivity to strong and pungent odors. These odors trigger allergic reactions among the elderly, the children, and patients with respiratory conditions. The triggered reactions may lead to chest problems such as chest tightness and the inability to breathe well. Also, strong odors may trigger nausea, headaches, and dizziness. But with odorless paint, you can end this problem from your home.

4. Odorless paints are friendly to the environment

Odorless paint emits less volatile organic compounds than the VOC and Low-VOC paints. The fewer emissions help in cutting back on emissions that contaminate the ozone layer. These paints also don’t have toxic compounds because they are made from natural materials, which are less toxic to the environment.

Unlike the other paints whose products contaminate landfills and water reservoirs, the odorless paints leave little to no footprint with regard to pollution. As such, this eco-friendly paint is perfect for environment-conscious homeowners. A study by Cornell University’s Survey and Research Institute showed that 83% of people that lodge while on travel would prefer rooms that can’t cause allergies if they had a chance to choose.

5. Odorless paints provide durable coats and surfaces that are easy to clean

Odorless paint is quick in drying and you don’t have to wait for long as you try to avoid wet paint surfaces. Once dry, surfaces painted with odorless paints resist yellowing, and they are easy to clean with soap and water.

Take away:

Odorless paint are worth your investment because they’ll be better for your health and well-being. Their impact on the environment is not harsh. It’s thus a choice that you can be happy to make as an environment-conscious citizen with elderly people or young children in your home.

The odorless paints are also good for indoor spaces that are occupied by people with a respiratory problem. Odorless paint is the perfect choice for any indoor spaces that you’ll occupy for long hours. So, if you’re repainting your home, always remember to go for paints that are good for your health.

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